Pushkar :

Located 21 km north east of Ajmer, Pushkar is sacred to the Hindus. There is a general belief among Hindus that no pilgrimage to the Chardham would bear fruit unless one bathes in the Holy waters of Pushkar. The lake has legendary origins. It says that Brahma, the creator of universe, was once contemplating to locate a suitable spot on the earth to perform a Yagna (sacrificial ritual), the lotus fell from his hand & rebounding, stuck the earth at three places, water issued forth from all three places & the creator called all the three as Pushkar (lotus).
According to the mythology, he performed the Yagna at Jyestha (elder) Pushkar from Karthik Shukla Ekadashi to the Purnima. Hundred thousands of devotees assemble here during this period of the day 7 take bath on the last day which is Purnima (full moon) day, confers special blessings.
The Ghats of the lake are occupied by Vanshavalis – known professional keepers of geneology. Visitors squat by to know the names of their ancestors as the Vanshavalis leaf through their fat books to find from their records.
Another interesting feature are the studded coins in the floor of the temple, placed by devotees to commemorate the births and deaths of their loved ones. Overlooking the temple, up on the hills is Savitri Temple. The 19th century Mahadev Temple is noted for white marble image with its five faces and its nature of ornaments.
During the exuberant, cattle fair on the full moon night in November at Pushkar, the town is the place for performing special religious ceremonies and a holy bath along with festivities.


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