Jaisalmer :

Jaisalmer is spectacular. Approaching it from the desert, it seems suddenly to rise out of the desert haze, a magnificent stretch of massive yellow sandstone walls and bastions bathed golden in the afternoon sun. The origins of Jaisalmer go back to the 12th century when Rawal Jaisal, a Rajput chieftain of the Yadav clan, which claimed descent from the moon, abondened his old fort at Ludarwa and laid the foundation of a new city on the triple peaked Marh, the Rock. Remote and desert-bounded Jaisalmer lay on the ancient route of the Orient, linking India with the trading centres of Central Asia. Camel caravans laden with precious cargoes of spices and silks crossed the dangerous passes of the north and halted in Jaisalmer, bringing great wealth to the town. Its princess and mercanhts prospered and displayed their riches in exquisitely carved and ornamented palaces and mansions which they built within the old city walls.

Places of Attraction :

Jaisalmer Fort:
Jaisalmer Fort constructed in 1156 by Rawal Jaiswal, is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan makes you feel a beat at the riveting vista of a wonderful yellow sandstone fort standing amidst ochre-gold sand dunes. A must among the tourist attractions in Jaisalmer, the fort is located on an 80-meter tall sandstone hillock. Foremost among the places of tourist interest in Jaisalmer, the fort signifies pages of yore unfolding a martial, gallant, attractive and avid city on your Jaisalmer tour.
Folklore Museum:
The excellent collection of art, artifacts and mementos of the royal past in the Folklore Museum of Jaisalmer. Museums that always give you a glimpse of the microcosmic world of the larger macro is truly enlightening if you propose to study the enchanting land and its varied culture. The Folklore Museum is divided into six sections making it more organized. The six sections include a coterie of paintings, costumes, jewelery, photographs, camel and horse ornaments and fossils. Established in the year 1984, the museum exhibits the established art of Rajasthan..
Gadsisar Sagar Lake:
A famous picnic spot in the sandy city, Gadsisar Sagar Lake is among the most beautiful tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. It attracts hundreds of migratory birds during the winter season. Bara Bagh: Located on the bank of Gadsisar Sagar Lake, Bara Bagh is an oasis in the desert. The lush green garden provides much-needed relief to the local people.
Tazia Tower:
The pagoda like Tazia Tower rises from the Badal Mahal (Palace of Clouds). The beautiful five-tiered tower is known for its beautifully carved balconies on each storey.
Patwon Ki Haveli:
Patwon Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer is foremost among the places of tourist interest in Jaisalmer. Originally built by Guman Chand, it is the most brazen and largest of the havelis in Jaisalmer. Patwon Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is perfect embodiment of finest architecture. Each square inch of the haveli has been engraved exquisitely. The latticed jali (carving) friezes provide freshening to the interiors as well as offer solitude to the women to gaze out without revealing themselves to tweeting toms. The havelis are fabricated in yellow sandstone with a dissimilar design on each window and arch. On your entrance to the haveli through its outstanding arched gateway, you found a delicately carved yellow-brown facade with as many as 60 balconies overlooking the spectators on their Jaisalmer tour.
Nathmalji Ki Haveli:
Nathmalji Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer is foremost among the places of tourist interest in Jaisalmer. A visit to Jaisalmer and the haveli is sure to overwhelm you with the stone-carved screen windows, exquisitely executed murals, jewel like balconies and a rich architectural splendor. Two full-scale yellow sandstone elephants receive you at the access of Nathmalji Ki Haveli. The haveli is a fusion of both Rajput structural design as well as Islamic sculpture that was introduced through the traders' caravan.
Salim Singh Ki Haveli:
Taking a tour to the Salim Singh Ki Haveli will set you wondering about the skilled acumen of the artisan of yester years. Words fail when you stand gazing at this 300-year-old magnificent piece of architecture. This wondrous piece of excellent work of art stands testimony to the glorious past of Jaisalmer.
Lodurva Temples:
Lodurva Temples in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India houses tourist attractions in Jaisalmer like the Jain temple and the famed Kalptaru tree. Make a yearning here on your visit to Jaisalmer. The icon of the 23rd Jain Tirthankara, Parasnath in the Lodurva complex is a foremost of the places of tourist interest in Jaisalmer.
Khuri and Sam Sand Dunes:
Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India offers one an enchanting tourist experience to people on their Jaisalmer tour. The thatched clay huts with their straw roofs, beautifully decorated camels, the local market and the martial art of Bhatti Rajputs are sure to thrill you on your visit to Jaisalmer. The pretty Mandana pattern of art with figures of animals and birds in white lime paste adorning the mud floors and walls of the shelters are the indication of the vibrant and artistic ethnicity of Khuri amidst the mighty Thar Desert. Khuri Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India gives nothing short of a heavenly delight on your Jaisalmer tour. A camel safari traversing the sand dunes is imperative to discover the pulsating soul of colorful Rajasthan. The dance performances by the ethnic Kalbeliya Dancers spellbind you with soulful feats. The change of the golden and red sand hues in to shades of burnt yellow, ochre and deep blue and black at different phases of the day is eye catching. On your Jaisalmer tour, set camp at the Khuri sand dunes at the onset of dusk and sit down near the bonfire for a fascinating evening full of cultural extravaganza under a lucid starlit sky.
Bhatia Bazar & Sadar Bazaar: Jaisalmer Bazaars have an aesthetic look and value attached to them. These bazaars have held on to and strongly maintained the old traditions and customs of displaying their goods and have followed the old traditional style of shopping. The shopping places over the years have been providing a mixture of traditional and trendy items to its customers. The shopkeepers also follow the old traditional way of dressing up.

Airport : Indian Airlines offers regular flights to Jaisalmer from Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Railway Station : Regular trains are available from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer.

Road: Jaisalmer is well connected to Jodhpur and Bikaner by roadways.


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