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Ayurveda, India's ancient science of healing is at a conservative estimate, some three thousand years old. It is purely herbal based, its medication made from the roots, the leaves, the sap or even the bark of a tree, from small shrubs and weeds, from spices and their extracts. And sometimes even from precious metals, administered in powdered form. No chemicals are used, so there are no harmful or painful side effects.There are two points to be noted. Firstly, if you have a couple of twinges after your treatment has started, it's an excellent sign. It shows your treatment is beginning to take effect. Secondly the benefits of the treatment will sometimes not be immediate. Ayurveda is treating your body and only after your body responds will you start feeling the difference.
We have selected a few treatments that you can avail at the Ayurveda Centres.
01. Pizhichil
A special kind of massage with herbal oils. Good for rheumatic ailments and nervous disorders. Proposed period: 7 to 14 days or according to condition.
02. Njavarakizhy
A treatment that induces perspiration through the external applications of medicated rice concoctions. Good for joint paints, arthritic conditions and certain skin diseases. Proposed period: 14 days or according to condition.
03. Pathrasweda
A variety of herbs with high medicinal valve are packed in leaf bundles which are used to massage the body.
The body is massaged with herbal oils and powders, Tones, improves circulation and restores energy and vigour.
05. Foot Massage
Eextra pressure is used in this massage. It is suitable for obesity. It also helps reduce inflammation resulting from falls.
06. Medicated Steam Bath
The body is exposed to the rejuvenating vapours of special leaves and herbs that are boiled. Eliminates toxins, reduce fat tissue and good for certain skin disorders.
07. Udavarthanam
A massage with herbal powders. Good for obesity, Paralysis and certain rheumatic disorders. Proposed period: 14 to 28 days or according to condition.
08. Nasyam
A variety of herbal preparations are used to cleanse the nasal passage.
09. Dhara
A mental relaxant consisting of herbal oils and medicated buttermilk poured on the forehead and sometimes on the body as well. Good for insomnia, mental tension and certain skin problems.
10. Sivovasthi
A treatment that anoints the head with special herbal oils. Good for headaches and "Vatha" originated ailments. Proposed period: 7 days or according to condition.


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